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Excellence in Education

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Excellence in Education

Jefferson Elementary School provides a warm, nurturing learning environment for Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade students. Jefferson is located in a cozy community setting; right next door to the Cammack Village Police Department.

Our staff teaches from a curriculum based on the latest education models in combination with the basic "three Rs". Students have access to K-2 enrichment, a gifted program (3rd - 5th), classroom computers, SmartBoards, a spacious media center with a mini-lab and many books, full time music and art programs, speech and resource assistance and a licensed professional counselor. Jefferson also offers the STARS Tutoring Program for K-2 reading and a computer-based Accelerated Reading program.



Our mission at Jefferson Elementary School is to empower all students to reach their highest potential academically, emotionally and socially in an increasingly technological world, while providing a positive, safe and nurturing environment.

Our school shall establish a nurturing atmosphere so that parents will always feel welcome! JES designates certified staff members to serve as Parent Facilitators and whose duties are as follows: To provide opportunities to foster parent involvement in the school and to provide a parent communication system that allows all parents to feel connected to both the students and the administration.

The Little Rock School District's CARE Program offers before- and after-school child care at elementary schools throughout the district. The CARE Program provides a safe environment, offers creative and recreational activities, helps children feel good about themselves, encourages growth in relationships and social skills, and provides time for homework and outdoor play.

Parents may pick up a registration form in August at the following locations: CARE office, 4800 W. 26th Street OR Student Registration Office, 501 Sherman Street, OR LRSD Administration Bldg., 810 W. Markham Street. Call 501-447-1880 for more info!

Information from Ms. Morris, our Art Teacher, coming soon!

JES hearts art!

Jefferson music students will receive sequential learning experiences to encourage creative play and a lifelong love for the arts. Students will receive grades each quarter based on the following National and State Music Standards: 1) Perform: Reading, writing, and performing music. 2) Create: Creating their own songs individually and as a group. 3) Respond: Actively listen and describe a variety of music styles and 4) Connect: Relate music to their lives and the world around us.

JES loves music! Click here to learn more from Mrs. Collins and see the music schedule!

Jefferson students are encouraged to have fun and enjoy PE! To achieve this, they are expected to participate to the best of their ability in our activities. Each month, students will receive a "Health at Home" calendar. JES encourages parents and siblings to complete the calendar activities together!

JES is focused on being fit. In addition to Physical Education classes, there is also a Patriot basketball team and spirit squad.



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