Marsha Mills Spears

Ms. Spears has a B.A. in Liberal Arts and says she felt she was "coming home" when she first came in the front door of Jefferson in 2017.

Her birthday is March 11. She loves dining out at Panda Garden, Layla's and Zaza's. Her favorite drinks are anything mango and Coca Cola. Sweet treat faves are gummies, ice cream and anything ginger. Recommended gift cards are Barnes and Noble and Ozark Outdoor Supply. 

Ms. Spears enjoys reading, anything Victorian, and tenting in Scotland all summer every summer. She has two cats, Brie and Mac. 

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Heather Sears

Heather Sears

Ms. Sears has a B.S. in Early Childhood Eucation from ASU, and is working toward a Master's in Reading. She enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her family and dog, Daisy. Ms. Sears came to Jefferson in 2016.  

Her favorite restaurants are Heights Taco & Tamale and P.F. Changs, and the drinks she enjoys are coffee, Coke, and peach tea. Ms. Sears' favorite sweat treats are chocolate, caramel and gummies. Gift card preferences are Express, D.S. W. and Barnes & Noble. 

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Stephanie Becton

Stephanie Becton

Ms. Becton has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from UALR, and came to Jefferson in 2018. She enjoys spending time with her family and husband, arts and crafts, and going to the lake. She doesn't have pets yet, but wants a puppy!

Ms. Becton's birthday is April 17, and her favorite restaurants are Zaza's, Taziki's, Chik-Fil-A and Boulevard Bread Company. She loves sweet tea, Kit-Kats, Nothing Bundt Cake, and sugar cookies from Panera. 

Gift card ideas are Target, Gene Lockwood's, Dillard's and Frencesca's. 

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Rebekkah Ferguson

Ms. Ferguson has a Bachelor's of Elementary Education from UALR, and came to Jefferson in 2018 after student teaching at the school the previous year. 

Her birthday is August 2nd, and she enjoys dining at Zaza's, Chik-Fil-A and Jason's Deli. Her favorite drinks are lemonade, Sprite and Starbucks, and favorite sweet treats are Twizzlers, Sour Skittles, and anything chocolate. Gift card ideas for Ms. Ferguson are Alterd State, Target and Amazon.

She enjoys painting and hiking and spending time with her husband, Lance and dog, Milo. 

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