Front Office and Support Staff - Mrs. Register and the front office staff does a lot of the behind the scenes work to keep JES running so smoothly!

Pre-K - Jefferson is proud to be a Pre-K to 5th school.  Meet our PreK team.

Kindergarten - Our kindergarten team is dedicated to getting your little ones prepared for first grade with their strong focus on lanuguate arts.

First Grade - First grade focuses on a well rounded understanding of the traditional "three R's" through the latest teaching tools and curriculum.  

Second Grade - Second grade your child will see an introduction to new math concepts and continue strengthening language arts skills.     

Third Grade - There is a stong push for writing and literacy in third grade plus new math concepts and additional science.  

Fourth Grade - Your child will encounter more independent reading and will be working on higher level problem solving skills in literacy and math.

Fifth Grade - Fifth grade is all about preparing for middle school.  Teacher work with students on core requirements and higher level problem solving skills. 

Enrichment - Jefferson is very fortunate to have on staff a full time music, art, PE, and gifted and talented teacher.

Professional Resources - We are happy that Jefferson is one of a handful of LRSD schools with on-campus resources for students with needs including speech therapy and Special Education.