Jefferson Joggers

Each spring, JES parent volunteers coordinate the Jefferson Joggers, a team of students who get in a total of 25 miles after school, and run the "final mile" of the Little Rock Marathon!
The Jefferson Joggers marathon training program takes place after school and culminates with the Little Rock Marathon Little Rockers Final Mile.


Details from previous years:

Parents should pick up Joggers at 3:15 in the circle drive.
Please respect the volunteer organizers' time by picking up your child on time.

CARE students will check in at CARE before Joggers, and a volunteer will take them to the track and walk them back after training.

Inclemement Weather
If training is canceled due to inclement weather, we will let you know as soon as possible via social media.
Please be sure to follow Jefferson on Facebook.

Smile Miles
For Smile Miles cards to keep track of miles ran and excercise away from school,
click here (PNG)
or here (PDF).


For more information, contact 
Jodi Massie (JES PE Coach) at [email protected]